Sari Solden -poster girl for ADHD women

imagesSari Solden is the best champion there is for women with ADHD, she’s been a psychotherapist in the US helping women specifically with ADHD for 30 years, and has it herself. Although her first book Women with Attention Deficit Disorder was published a long time ago, 1995, her new book “Journey Through Adulthood” manages to be both instructive and intuitive as it handles the complex emotions that dealing with Adult ADHD may bring up – particularly for those diagnosed late.

She joined the podcast crew on the ADDA (Adult ADHD) website for ADHD Awareness month and gave a short 9 minute talk on how the diagnosis can be the beginning of something new and exciting, rather than the normal doom and gloom peddled around Continue reading “Sari Solden -poster girl for ADHD women”

October is ADHD awareness month!


And a big thanks to our friends across the pond, including the irrepressible Dr Ned Hallowell for wading in with the positives of this condition – in a TADD talk here . For anyone who hasn’t heard of ADDA, the Adults with ADHD part of the volunteer-run US website, it’s been going for over 20 years, and has a lot of access to experts and professional articles. Keep up the good work ADDA, and I’ve just joined at $5 a month to put my money where my mouth is.