I am a teacher, author, journalist and mother of  three, including a 17-year-old twin boy diagnosed with ADHD. Diagnosed aged 12, and medicated after a year of trying (unsuccessfully) to find alternatives, my son is now doing well and back in school after being suspended indefinitely from education. 

I myself was diagnosed with ADHD in January 2016.

I have written a memoir on ADHD to be published by Unbound publishing – hopefully in 2019. Previous books I have had published can be bought here.

To promote the book – I performed a play from the memoir at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and supporters of my book via crowdfunding will receive a free copy of both plus a visit to their book group.

ADHD is a woefully under-diagnosed neuro-developmental disorder that affects around 1 in 30 of the population, and is different from other neurological differences because it can be successfully treated with drugs. Sadly, because of the stigma around mental health, few people end up with a diagnosis, or treatment, and their lives can be blighted as a result.

My book about ADHD will aim to inspire others to seek diagnosis and live happily with this complex and often misunderstood disorder, as well as encouraging other readers to understand more about it.

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