I am a Now teacher of French and Spanish, author, journalist and mother of  three, including a 19-year-old twin son diagnosed with ADHD. Diagnosed aged 12, and suspended from school two years later, my son has now got a place at university and three A-levels after beginning medication. 

I myself was diagnosed with ADHD in January 2016, and also take medication when needed. I wouldn’t have been able to retrain as a teacher in 2017 without it.

I have written a memoir on ADHD to be published by Trigger publishing – in October 2020. Previous books I have had published can be bought here.

To combat stigma around Adult ADHD – I also performed a play from the memoir at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You can find out more about the plays Director Hendrick January and I have worked on here 

ADHD is a woefully under-diagnosed neuro-developmental disorder that affects around 1 in 30 of the population, and is different from other neurological differences because it can be successfully treated with medication. My book on ADHD Better Late than Never aims to inspire others to seek diagnosis and live happily with this complex and often misunderstood disorder.

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