Listen up! October is ADHD awareness month.

downloadBefore October draws to a close, I do love the TADD talks given by ADDA, the American Organisation – a riff on TED talks –  to celebrate ADHD awareness month. At 10 minutes long, there is something more personal about a voice talking – particularly when they are given by some of the best thinkers and writers on ADHD, such as Sari Solden, who has been counselling ADHD sufferers for 30 years and is Author of Women and ADHD (Embrace your differences and transform your life).

Here she gives a talk on un-tangling your “brain-based challenges” with your sense of self, so you don’t look at a messy desk/room/car/office and think “I’m a mess”. She urges ADHDers to think instead that my desk/room/car/office is a mess, and thereby stop internalising messages of shame. It’s quite subtle, but important.

Over to you Sari…