New year, new intentions -ADHD style

How great that the internet offers a chance to review your 2020 intentions to see how you are doing, while setting a course for a new year. Aiming for calm, creating chaos. Broadcaster Clare Catford and journalist Emma Mahony do just that, while reminding ADHDers everywhere that they are not alone with this struggle.

ADHD Post-Lockdown diaries: Asking for Help

At the beginning of October’s ADHD Awareness month, we posted this podcast to remind people that there’s no shame in asking for help if you have this complex neuro-developmental disorder. In fact, we believe it can be key to making your life, career and relationships a success, so try making it a habit. All too often people with ADHD think they “should” be able to function in the same way as everyone else, and so try harder, leading to burn out or dropping out in an effort to keep up. All along, if they just asked for help occasionally instead, they would have more time for the things where they are really good at – and let their creativity shine through. We think this message is so important that we are going to close ADHD Awareness month with this thought. After all, what’s the point of having a diagnosis if you don’t use it to get more help?

To close ADHD Awareness month, Author, journalist and Now Teacher Emma Mahony and Broadcaster Clare Catford talk about the importance of asking for help.

Attention Management not Time Management

For me, the Take-Home tip from this podcast – was the “Do Not Disturb” on your phone. Usually when writing, I leave my phone downstairs but today I didn’t by mistakeĀ – and I was tempted by the constant boings of push-notifications to read emails half way through. Damn, I then lost my thread.

Her idea to turn on the Do Not Disturb mode on the I-phone (if you swipe up from the bottom as if using the Torch, it is a “crescent moon” shape on the tool bar) is genius.

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