A pretty challenging interview on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour on #lateADHDdiagnosis for #ADHDAwarenessmonth

Unlike the tv interview on Channel 4 – there was a challenging exchange with outgoing BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour presenter Jane Garvey. When the interviewer offers “I don’t want to be cynical but… ” you know you are not in for an easy ride.

However, anyone with ADHD has heard the arguments and dismissal of ADHD as a genuine mental health issue before, and we are not about to roll over and take the clichés lying down, especially about it being a “gift to big Pharma…” .

I hope the email that presenter Jane Garvey read out from a listener at the end of the interview, which starts at 22 minutes and 24 seconds in, put its importance into context. If people become hermits because they become overwhelmed, they deserve to be valued – not dismissed.

ADHD and Struggles at School

The piece I wrote for the Daily Telegraph included some detail from my book that has just been published Better Late Than Never about how I had to produce my school reports for my adult ADHD diagnosis. The headline “My messiness exasperated my teachers” was what captured the editors’ interest in this complex disorder.

I hope to add another piece from the Daily Telegraph after an interview with one of their newly diagnosed journalists – who wants to talk to me about sharing common symptoms. Watch this space…