A pretty challenging interview on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour on #lateADHDdiagnosis for #ADHDAwarenessmonth

Unlike the tv interview on Channel 4 – there was a challenging exchange with outgoing BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour presenter Jane Garvey. When the interviewer offers “I don’t want to be cynical but… ” you know you are not in for an easy ride.

However, anyone with ADHD has heard the arguments and dismissal of ADHD as a genuine mental health issue before, and we are not about to roll over and take the clichés lying down, especially about it being a “gift to big Pharma…” .

I hope the email that presenter Jane Garvey read out from a listener at the end of the interview, which starts at 22 minutes and 24 seconds in, put its importance into context. If people become hermits because they become overwhelmed, they deserve to be valued – not dismissed.

4 thoughts on “A pretty challenging interview on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour on #lateADHDdiagnosis for #ADHDAwarenessmonth

  1. I have just read your book in one sitting and feel like someone wrote my autobiography without my consent. I kept dropping it in disbelief. My son is 17 and just being looked at for adhd. Love to hear from you I’m all over the place. Jane.

    1. Jane – good luck with your son. I think that is what is so interesting with ADHD, you think you have these cluster of traits, peculiar to you only – then the more you learn about it – the more you see it may be that you belong to a different type of brain. I would recommend getting in touch with ADDISS as well http://www.addiss.co.uk/ – they are a good organisation if you want further information and have been at the forefront for 25 years. It is a poorly understood and advocated disorder – but little by little we will prevail. I wish you lots of luck.

  2. Emma, you did supremely well on Woman’s Hour. As the mother of twin girls diagnosed in early adulthood, I still got mad when interviewer Jane voiced the usual cynical approach… you mentioned an adult ADHD charity that was helpful for information. Can you remind me what it was? Thanks

    1. Yvonne – I recommend you speak to someone at ADDISS – the ADHD Information service. They really are a great organisation, if rather run on a shoestring – with a really great CEO in Andrea Bilbow OBE. If you can call them and get some advice – they know their stuff, having been advocating for ADHDers for 25 years. Visit them here http://www.addiss.co.uk/ . Otherwise there is the ADHD Foundation in Liverpool – a newer UK based organisation with a great CEO Tony Lloyd in the Channel 4 interview with me.

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