Is it you, me or ADHD? Author on relationships surveys…

I thought this survey on ADHD and their partners was fascinating because of the Gappiness between what how the ADHDers thought they were doing, and how they were actually doing. It is also kind of heartbreaking how the initial attraction of spontaneity begins to grate over the years and turns into unreliable.

There is also something touching about the generosity that is afforded the ADHDers, although one can’t help feeling that it is linked closely to the fact that no partner seems to be attracted to their financial management.

I think it would be most interesting to see the before and after children, because this seems to be where the relationships de-rail, but hats off to Author Gina for conducting this research especially as the couples neatly split into opposites attract and adhd-ers attracted to each other.

Today I sat next to a Gay couple, one of whom was ADHD. “He thinks he’s a princess and shouldn’t have to work”, said his future husband – already lamenting his lack of drive. He was a rather gorgeous young 21 year old, and they had obviously had a high old time in Amsterdam but I was struck by them when I read the survey. One thing that their relationship will not become is boring.





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