Nothing to see here…

Lena Bellina – what an amazing woman. Keep writing – one book is not enough on this important subject – there are many more out there who will be helped along the way. I applaud your courage!


In December I wrote a post about my achievements in 2020.

It was a bit cryptic and I made reference to a new piece of information that I had come upon that had helped me to understand myself a bit better.

I am now in a position to say that the information was a diagnosis of ADHD.

At 51 years old, I have finally found some more answers to my life-long feelings of “otherness” and restlessness.

After diagnosis, I wrote a letter to my closest friends explaining what I had found out and shared some of the reasons for me seeking diagnosis:

* the fact that I was very close to burning out, having tried to fit in and keep going over many years in spite of the immense effort of trying to manage and keep a lid on hyperactivity, poor focus regulation and impulsivity

* the fact that…

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2 thoughts on “Nothing to see here…

  1. Hi Emma, I hope you’re well. I have just read your book better late than never. I’m impressed as Ive read so many on late diagnosis of adhd and I feel its the best one Ive read. I am studying a psychology masters currently, but also have a podcast and YouTube channel on ADHD. It is called ADHD DARA. I only started it a few months ago but have been getting some great feedback and messages saying my videos have helped them. I have three podcasts on there as well and I would love the opportunity to chat with you on skype or zoom for my podcast. I have been through the grinder over the past 10 years. Jail, rehabs, homelessness, depression, PTSD, but after I was diagnosed and finally found the right medication I am on the up! Thank God. Please feel free to check my YouTube channel out. Here is a link and let me know if you would like to come on the podcast. There is no fixed time or date, but I believe we have similar goals in life and I would love to talk to you. Thanks once again for such a fantastic and science based book. It’s awesome. Dara. Here is my first podcast with my Dad

    1. Thanks Dara – I have had a look at your You Tube channel and can see why it is helping others and getting suc
      great feedback. I would love to be on it. I finish my work in school tomorrow, school is out for the summer so feel free to connect via email at and we can correspond. Warm wishes.

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