CBD – a help for ADHD?

UnknownRecently I took part in a double-blind randomised controlled medical trial for a cannabis inhaler to help in controlling ADHD symptoms. At the end of the six-week trial, I was later told that I was on the placebo – which was no surprise as the mouth puffer had no effect whatsoever. While I wasn’t expecting to feel euphoria, I expected to feel something – and quickly sensed I was puffing a dud. However, the trial run out of the Maudsley clinic in London, was evidence of the growing interest in CBD – Cannabis oil or medical marijuana – typically the extract of the plant without the THC, the part that makes you high.

As you might expect, the vanguard of research is going on in America, a place at war with itself over the use of illegal drugs. With CBD classified as a Schedule I drug, there are reports of some people going to jail for using it for medical reasons for MS symptoms, epilepsy and even schizophrenia. Although yesterday, the state of IOWA passed the first tentative steps towards legalising CBD – there is still an element of moral proselytising and reefer madness in the opposition towards it.

However, an interesting panel discussion on this Upscale TV channel suggests that, among practitioners such as Educational psychologists – Cannabis oil can help Autism and ADHD sufferers by calming the “dancing neurons” and allowing a greater sense of connection. If you can’t listen to the whole discussion on the TV channel – tune in at 10mins 30 seconds and at 23 mins and 27 mins when the Educational psychologist explains how she uses it for her ADHD clients. I was particularly interested to hear from her 40 year experience how when the stimulant medications might start to be less effective as time goes on and the body adapts, cannabis oil continues to be effective.

To find CBD in the UK, you may need to visit the kind of shop – perhaps even a “Head shop” that sells it, usually exported from Amsterdam. In my local Brighton, for example, there is a knowledgeable owner of a Guarana cafe that sells it, with the smallest bottle costing £24.99.









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