As the Anxiety Kicks In

UnknownThis is a brave and clear explanation of the physical effects of anxiety, often termed as a “co-morbidity”, something that accompanies spectrum disorders such as Autism and ADHD. I think it comes about because of deeply ingrained sense of being different from a young age – and how that affects your ability to navigate the world effectively. I used to have dreams of having a baby that I would leave places in a lift, Very ADHD, and Anna’s lack of understanding (see below) from her mother pre-diagnosis suggests a similar awareness of being at odds with the world. This is a great blog, and it is good that she has found something that helps her keep her issues at bay. 

The anxiety rushes over me like a title wave. Every sound and movement around me sends my heart racing. I feel a strong urge to get away, far away – what am I running from? I try to shake it …

Source: As the Anxiety Kicks In

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